Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Face Lift

This blog has needed a serious face lift for a while.  Back in December I contacted Lindsey of Sweet Simplicity Designs.  I have seen her work here and here and really loved it.  I'm a fairly creative person with working knowledge of Photoshop, MS Publisher, etc., however, I don't know code very well and so I felt like I couldn't have done this on my own.  She was booked up and said she couldn't get to my blog until April.  When she contacted me a few weeks ago I was ecstatic!!  We worked together, emailing back and forth different ideas and fonts until we came (really SHE came up with) the new Casa Pena design and I absolutely love it!  She was such a joy to work with and so talented.

Here is a picture of the old design:

Old Casa~Pena Design
Lindsey does great work and is a joy to work with.

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