Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Cabinet and Tapeña Wine Party

Tapeña asked us to host a tapas and wine tasting party using their 4 wines and we graciously accepted.  The party is this weekend and I'm looking forward to good wine (of course we had to taste it first!), friends, and yummy food. 
When Casa Pena first found out we were going to be hosting, about a month ago, I decided we needed a new cabinet for our dining room.  Tyler could stand up and grab liquor on the old one and since it was basically just glass shelves, it was entirely too unsafe for my liking.  Here is a picture of him doing just that in case you need a visual:

It seems he prefers Captain Morgan to wine at this point.  Or maybe it's just that the bottle was smaller? Either way I set out looking for an inexpensive, dark wood, durable enough to hold bottles of liquor cabinet.  After lots of searching online (even on craigslist) I finally decided to just go with Canopy Living's console table.  We already have one in our master bedroom so I knew the quality was decent (it weighs 150 lbs!) and I liked the color of the wood. 

Here it is in our bedroom as a TV console.  We wanted something tall enough that we could see the TV over the bed.  This was perfect for the space and the size of the TV(hubby talked me into a whopping 42" TV).

I bought new knobs from Cool Knobs & Pulls online to dress it up a bit.  I might do the same with the cabinet in the dining room but for now the knobs it came with work just fine.  It actually comes with 2 different sets of knobs - wood that matches the cabinet and brushed nickel.

At the price of $250 I was happy with my purchase.  It arrived via site-to-store at our local Wal-Mart and we picked it up and assembled it ourselves. Here it is piled high with party decorations and supplies:

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