Thursday, July 16, 2015

Agate: A Little Slice of Heaven

Something about naturally occurring sparkle that makes it seem refined and elegant enough to use in home decor. So imagine my excitement in coming across Freckles Chick’s blog post about how she created art from agate coasters she bought at West Elm.  I can totally do this!! I l was hoping to find some slices that were larger than the 4 inch coasters  so I set out to find a seller where I could find slightly larger pieces in the color I wanted.  That is where I found Light Accents by Linda. She shipped 3 pieces of 6-7 inches.  I purchased some Gold Rub n Buff and set off to create.  It was surprisingly easy and not messy at all.  (The smell is pretty intense though.) 

My frames are from West Elm I scooped them up during a 20% off sale. I didn't need to use any adhesive to attach the slices because they were thick enough to rest between the glass and the back of the frame. I love the way they look with the couch and the creamy color of the walls.  What do you think?