Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While Tyler was napping today I decided to get out in the yard and plant some impatiens.

I love impatiens, they remind me of my childhood where every house in the neighborhood had at least one impatien growing.  Most had several, lining the gardens all around the yard similar to this:

Image from here

I loved going around and popping the seeds.  A gentle squeeze of the pod and it burst open and seeds flew everywhere.


After Popping

I found some at Lowe's, $1.88 for a 6 pack, and planted them around the tree in the center of our front yard. 

I would love to have bought bigger ones.  It would look more finished but $1.88 was in my price range.  It's hard to spend money on plants when I don't exactly have a green thumb and run the very high risk of killing them.

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