Sunday, April 17, 2011

Target Visit on Earth Day

We made a visit to Target on Earth Day to pick up a few items and were pleasantly surprised to get a free reusable bag with our purchase.  The bag is really nice (made out of recycled material) and very durable with a shoulder strap and drawstring.  I could see myself using this bag for all sorts of stuff.

The main reasons we went were to use my coupons to purchase:

Nivea Body wash $3.04 - $3 coupon = $0.04 paid
Seventh Generation Cleaner on sale for $2.47 -$1 Target coupon - $1 SG Coupon = $0.47 paid
Earths Best Baby Food (5 Jars) on sale for $0.77 each - $1 coupon = $2.85  $0.57 per jar for organic baby food!!!!
I just signed up for Target Mobile Coupons to be texted to my cell phone and I have to say - so far I am impressed.  No need to clip coupons and carry them with you.  All you have to do is hold your phone up to the cashier and they scan it for the savings.  What a great idea!

I also purchased these capri pants to wear to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

I bought these in the shorts version last summer and wore them a lot.  They are super comfy, thin enough to be worn in 90 degree heat, but still nice looking so when I saw the capri's available I knew I had to have them.  They were not on sale but at $21.99 they are a great deal and I know I will get lots of wear out of them.

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