Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Trashy Situation

The built in trashcan was barely hanging by a thread when we moved in so we set out researching who carries the brand and who would be willing to sell us just one cabinet and a few parts.  We were told it would take a few weeks to come in which made for a very trashy situation here at Casa Pena.  18 month old curious toddler plus a bag of trash sitting out = yuckiness and one frustrated Mama.

Can you tell which one it is?
Our "trashcan" for the few weeks we waited for parts.

The trashcan cabinet was in a sad state, having been knocked completely off of the front panel and nailed back in several times in several different places.  It was one holey panel! Not to mention the caked on nastiness that took me about an hour to get off.  I've still not fully recovered from the grossness. 

We were told that the cabinet company no longer makes our cabinets so we had to find a way to reuse the face of the cabinet.  In order to do so Jeff had to glue and clamp the board back together.

Then he built the new trashcan componet and attached it to the cabinet face with a little help from his new assistant. 

The good news in all of this is that they now make the trashcan parts out of plastic instead of fiber board which is much easier to clean and they now come with two trash bins instead of just one which means I have a place to put recycling.  YAY!  No more brown Trader Joe's bags sitting on the counter.

It took Tyler a little while to figure out the new trash system but he's got it now:

Yes, he throws away his own diapers

And gets excited about it. I wonder how long this will last?

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