Monday, February 20, 2012


On a recent visit to Ikea we stumbled upon the Besta series of shelving.  They typically show this system as a way to create a home entertainment center.  We decided to use it for our pantry.

It's not much to look at but it's a perfect solution for our pantry, which is oddly shaped and very inefficiently laid out.  We had 5 - 12 inch wire shelves to hold all of our food and miscellaneous kitchen items.  Here's our pantry before:

Pictures from walk through before we moved in

Here is the sketch from the floor plan to help you visualize what we were dealing with:

We had a tiny bit of space on the side of the pantry that wasn't being used at all and the Besta system had a shelf that was 8" deep x 24"wide - a perfect fit!  I was so excited to have found a solution without having to build our own shelves.  Jeff had to cut a notch out of the wire shelves to make room for the new shelf.  See below:

And here it is now:

This shelf is so much more efficient.  I can fit more shelves in and they are just deep enough for boxes and canned goods to be seen and therefore get used. On the wire shelves boxes and canned goods were stacked two and three deep, making it impossible to find things when I needed them.

We are contemplating getting more shelving from the Besta series and finishing out the pantry but for right now, keeping the wire shelving in is working just fine. 

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