Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laundry Room Progress: Part Two

This weekend we were able to make some more progress on the laundry room.  Ikea restocked their shelves so we swung by to pick one up (same visit where we picked up the pantry cabinet).  We built it and hung it in half the time it took with the first one.  Our trusty assistant had already gone to bed. 

Just look at all that space for me to fold laundry...

 We also made a trip to Lowes to pick up the pole and some mounting brackets.  We lucked out and found a kit by Allen+Roth that contained everything we needed (pole and brackets in an attractive brushed chrome finish).  Jeff did have to cut the pole down a couple of inches using his multi-tool.  Tyler was here to assist for this project.

"You climb the ladder like this, then you press all the buttons on the dryer..."

"Someone has to hold the ladder..."

Laundry Room To-Do list:
  • patch & paint
  • remove wash basin  
  • W&D delivery Dec 22nd
  • install counter top on W&D (16sqft)
  • install cabinets and rod for hanging clothes
  • install shelf below cabinets - we decided not to do this
  • install cabinet where wash basin was
  • artwork
I added artwork to our list.  I think the space above the rod (between the two cabinets) needs a little something.  I'm thinking the Ikea Ribba 3 photo frame and maybe some DIY artwork using the paint samples I purchased for this room:

Next up: install this cabinet
in this space

 They are backordered right now and not available until mid-March.  We are debating what to do for the counter top.  Ikea has a wood block countertop for $100 that fits this space perfectly.  I love the corian, but that is 10x's the cost, and our other option is Formica. 
Ikea Wood Block Counter Top

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