Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laundry Room Progress

We started off with this:

then I painted the room and the new washer and dryer were delivered:

And here is how I have been doing laundry the last two months:

Here is what the floor plan looks like and what it will look like when done:

Laundry Room To-Do list:
  • patch & paint
  • remove wash basin
  • W&D delivery Dec 22nd
  • install counter top on W&D (16sqft)
  • install cabinets and rod for hanging clothes
  • install shelf below cabinets - we decided not to do this
  • install cabinet where wash basin was
We finally made the decision to go with the Akurum cabinets from Ikea. They were cost effective and attractive.  The cheaper white cabinets at Lowes and Home Depot have a funny texture to them that makes them very hard to clean. Jeff, with his assistant* in tow, built and installed the first cabinet for me.  This is the draw back about Ikea cabinets.  They actually have to be built whereas most come pre-assembled and all you have to do is hang them.

Ikea instructions do not have words, just diagrams of funny looking people installing things.

Installing the mounting brackets:

Making sure they are level with the laser level:

And it's up!

Of course, only one was in stock so I will have to make another trip to get the other one and the cabinet for wash basin nook. Since the cabinets were long (39" instead of the 30" at the other stores) we decided we didn't need the shelf underneath.  We will be installing a rod between the two cabinets to hang clean shirts once they come out of the dryer.
Below is the tall cabinet (88" tall) that we will be installing in the niche where the wash basin was.  In the two months we've been living here I haven't used the wash basin at all and I really need somewhere to store all of my cleaning gadgets (swiffer, dust buster, roomba, scuba, and shark mop, etc.).

* - warning: use of assistant will most likely cause your project to take double the time.  It is pretty darn cute though.

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