Monday, May 1, 2017

Design Show House: The Final Reveal

Im going to be straight with you, the Show House has been a lot of work. A great deal of that work has been growing and expanding my business at the same time as creating the vision and the install of the bathroom space. Designing business cards, figuring out sales tax forms, business insurance, and all the paperwork in between has been a challenge and I've certainly learned a lot.

I guess because of the way it came together I can't really imagine it working out any easier or if there may have been a simpler way.  I really needed this push that participating in the Show House provided. Otherwise I don't think I would be as far along in this process as I am (and I'm still a long way from sitting back and kicking off my shoes).

I couldn't have made this progress without the huge support of my husband and my friend Sarah, who have both spent hours with me figuring out all the small stuff that goes into starting up a business. They both pushed me and inspired me to keep going, all with no complaints along the way; proof that I have amazing people around me.

Thank you to everyone that followed along on this design project. I hope that you stay tuned for more projects as I continue to blog about my business, the design that inspires me, and before and after pictures.

Also, congrats to the winner of the Show House tickets is Bobbie L and her girl Lauren!  Can't wait to see you at the house!



After: Mornings Away Framed Art, Gold Tray, Gold Robe Hook, Orchid, Paint is SW Rock Bottom

After: Chestnut Hill Radiator Cover

After: Light, Faucet, Hand Soap, Mirror, Black Soap Dispenser

Kohler Purist Widespread Faucet

Lux Robe from Phina's for the Home

Custom Soap: Phina's for the Home

PS - If you are just now joining in on the fun, check out the series below: