Sunday, March 19, 2017


The design boards were submitted and it felt so good. The amount of time and effort that I put into both of them was a true labor of love. We were told that designers would hear back if they were chosen on Friday so imagine my surprise when I heard back on Wednesday!  YOU GUYS! I was blown away at the response.  The judges loved my design board for the Sophisticated Bathroom and couldn't wait to see the transformation!  Not only did I get chosen but I also got my first choice room! Most of the designers who bid on the house are established firms who have been designing for years. I'm thrilled to get to work along side them to turn this house into an amazing work of art. I have a feeling I will learn a lot through this process and am grateful you are along for the ride.  

We have a design meeting at the house in a few days, after that we can get in to our space and begin working our magic. 

To read about the whole process start here:

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1. Light, 2. SW Paint Color, 3. Mirror, 4. Shelf, 5. Kohler Purist Widespread Faucet, 6. Radiator Cover, 7. Succulent, 8. Fabric , 9. Mornings Away Art Print, 10. Towels

1. World Map Wall Mural, 2. SW Paint Color, 3. Telescope, 4. Lego Head 5. Light Fixture, 6. BB-8 Pillow, 7. Bike Pillow, 8. Dot Desk, 9. Floor Cushion, 10. Sailcloth Storage, 11. Sign

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