Saturday, December 10, 2011

Visit with Santa and Patuxent Nursery

Today we visited Patuxtent Nursery to see Santa and so I could check out their amazing holiday decor.  They go all out and decorate themed trees, have an elaborate Santa display, and put lights on nearly every tree on the property.  It really is a sight to see, especially if you have little ones.  I'm lucky enough to get to drive by all those beautiful lights every day on my drive home.

Tyler's visit with Santa last year went very well so I had high hopes for this year.  Just in case, I also brought Doggie (his favorite little lovey). 

Tyler with Santa 2011 (16 months old)

Tyler with Santa 2010 (5 months old)

What a difference a year makes!

If you live in this area I suggest checking out Patuxent Nursery.  You can take your own pictures for free and there is hot cider and fresh popcorn, not to mention their beautiful displays of Christmas trees to check out.

I love this under the sea themed tree:

This is a great kid friendly tree full of stuffed animals and plastic ornaments


DeLise said...

HEHEHHEHE We have a similar Santa picture for Rielle this year! Arched back, belly out :) That's part of the fun, right? :) LOL Loved meeting you today and *heart* your site as well!

Heidi said...

Haha! Yes, last year was so easy. This year, he took one look at Santa and decided he wanted no part of that! Oh well, there's always next year! :-)