Saturday, December 10, 2011

Luminaries at Antietam National Battlefield

Last weekend we drove up to Antietam National Battlefield near Boonesboro, MD to see the 23rd annual luminary lighting.  Tyler was a trooper and handled the many hours in the car really well.  I think he liked being able to see out of both windows of Teresa's van.

We first stopped for pizza at Vesta Pizzeria.  They have great food and even better prices.  A Sam Adams beer was $2 and that was regular price!  I highly recommend eating there if you ever find yourself in Boonesboro. 
After dinner we got back in the van and got in line to see the luminaries.  After about 1 hour of waiting Jeff and Bob jumped out and ran into a store to pick up dessert and ran back to the car.  We hadn't moved but maybe 50 feet. 
3 hours later we were at the gates to get into the park.  The luminaries were breathtaking and really a site worth seeing. It did a great job of depicting how eerie it must have looked like to see miles of land riddled with soldiers (23,000 to be exact) who had lost their lives, were wounded, or went missing during this 12 hour battle.  It's hard to believe just one battle out of the civil war could have ended with that many casualties.
Image from Here
Image from Here

Sorry for the blurred images, they don't allow you to stop the car for any photos. 

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