Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Search for the Perfect Casa

We began our search for a new house a few years ago, when the market was still inflated. We looked at houses in several districts and were discouraged at what we found in our price range. Over the years we would search, get discouraged, wait several months, then look again. We actually looked a few times in this very neighborhood and loved what we saw: beautiful homes on nice sized lots, lots of kids playing outside, a neighborhood club house with a playground and pool, all in a great school district. The only problem: prices were REALLY high. Discouraged once again, we gave up our search for a while.

This fall interest rates were at an all time historical low so we decided to get serious about house searching again. We put together a list of items that were important to us:
  • 2 Car Garage 
  • Nice Size Yard
  • Fenced in Yard
  • Located in a Neighborhood
  • Preferably on a Quiet Street
  • Good School District
  • At Least 4 Bedrooms

We got our house search mojo back and began looking. Jeff was the one that actually found this house and said that it was a short sale and told me the list price. I had no interest. I had already written off this neighborhood as being "out of our price range" and at the list price (which was at the top of our price range), to take on a short sale and finish it off to make it livable would be too much of a stretch. He eventually wore me down and I took a peak at the listing online. I was surprised to see that it was actually in pretty good shape, just needed some patching, paint, and some serious TLC. I made an appointment to see it and loved it even more. We made an offer (Jeff made the offer sight unseen - he must really trust me, huh?).

Selling Feature for Tyler

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