Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tyler's 15 Month Stats

Lots of changes in T-man's life recently.  He's talking a lot more, most of which I can't understand but every now and them a word or two will come out.  If you ask him to bring something to you he will do it.  If you ask what the cow says he sticks his little lips out and says "moooooo".  So cute!  He has 10 teeth now. 

Bedtime: we have switched to 8:00PM since he only takes one nap now.

Wake Up Time: 7:00am.

Naps: He seems to be pushing his morning naps back a bit from 9AM to 10:30/11:00AM and taking only one 3 hour nap.

Bottles: yes, he still gets bottles.  Only 2 per day, at naptime and bedtime.

Meals/Solids: He eats 3 meals a day and two snacks.  He loves veggies (thank goodness).  I think his all time favorite food may be bananas.  He eats one every morning along with some orange slices and some cereal.  For lunch he will have some veggies, grilled cheese, grapes.  For dinner he eats whatever we are having.  He drinks mostly water or milk out of his sippy cups.

New Foods: pumpkin bread - he loves it!

Developmental Milestones & "Firsts": He has been walking backwards to sit down.  He waves bye bye backwards.  He says "mooo".  He spins instead of dances - sooo cute!

Favorite Toys: His Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy that stays in the car.  He gives him a big hug everytime we get in the car.

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