Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updating the Nursery

Tyler can now reach the curtains and the cord for the baby monitor so we had to come up with a new place for the monitor and pull his crib closer to the middle of that wall.  We decided to get a couple of shelves to put on the wall so we could move the baby monitor further away from him and take the table out of the room that we borrowed from the living room.  It wasn't a very sturdy table and Tyler is now pulling himself up on furniture and it was just a matter of time before he broke the table or the table broke him!

I bought these shelves at Home Depot.  I chose the shallow shelves because the deeper ones were very heavy and I read a few reviews saying they basically cant hold anything because they are already too heavy to hold their own weight and kind of sag in the front.  Not cool! 

Everything seems to fit just fine on these shelves for now and maybe later we can turn them into Trophy shelves once he's older.

A little to the left, Daddy!

Perfect!  Oh how I wish I could use that drill! Maybe one day...

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