Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Shutterfly Party Pack Has Arrived!!!

My Shutterfly Give and Get Joy Party 2011 party pack arrived today and I couldn't wait to open it: 

I'm so excited for this party!  I love making photo books as gifts and just to document life in general.  I've made several books for my in-laws as a "thank you" gift for letting us come visit and as a way to document the visit.  Some of my favorites have been the books I've made for Tyler of various trips we've taken and one for his first year of life.  He loves to flip the pages and point at the baby.  :-)

I can't wait to share my experience and some great freebies with my party guests.  Here is what is included in the party box:

Wow, ignore that giant mess of a desk.  I guess I've got some cleaning to do!

  • A DVD showing inspirational stories from other customers
  • A set of holiday card samples
  • I wooden easel to display a photo book I have already made
  • Balloons
  • 15 promo codes for a free 8x8 photo book
  • 15 promo codes for 10 free holiday cards
  • $10 gift card to Plum District for each guest

I also got a bonus pack of House Party decoders!  Each guest will receive 5 of them and could win an iPad, a laptop, fabulous jewelry, and other awesome prizes. 

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