Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to the grind...

Our relaxing weekend is over.  We had a great time at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay.  We were greeted at check in with a mimosa for the Husband and a sparking grape juice for me.  We decided to change into bathing suits right away and lounge by the pool for the afternoon.  I planned to do some blogging from there but I was too relaxed and fell asleep!  Here was the view from my chair:

Here is a picture from Jeff's chair:

Not the greatest picture but I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone camera.  There were tons of kids at the resort but they were all well behaved and quite amusing to watch and listen to.  They had tons of fun on that water slide in the background.  We decided to try a few restaurants that were not on the Hyatt property (the reviews on the food at the Hyatt were not so great).  We ate at Jimmie & Sook's for lunch.  Food was great and very reasonably priced.  All their seafood is local MD seafood.  We really liked this place, so much in fact, we went back again on Sunday for dinner before heading home. 
We wanted to eat at Bistro Poplar for dinner and even made reservations to do so earlier in the day.  We showed up at the right time and were told (by a snotty hostest) that we didn't have a reservation that they person we spoke to on the phone put us on a waiting list?!?  I was really disappointed, their menu on line looks amazing and they got great reviews.  After dealing with their attitude and unprofessional handling of their mix up we decided to go somewhere else for dinner and settled on CanvasBack's.  Their food was mediocre at best (very salty) and the place smelled gross.  We sat in the pub section and could hear the cook screaming at our waitress.  Then their entertainment started - a woman singing and playing piano.  Sounded like a drag queen on crack.  We were laughing as we left because they had speakers outside the restaurant and all you could hear was the singers voice - you didn't even have the piano to drown out the awfulness!!
We drove back to the resort and had smores by the fire (every night they light the outdoor chimney and you can purchase a packet of smores supplies in the gift shop.  It was nice and relaxing.  There was  a wedding reception going on at one of the pools so we had music in the back ground.
The next day we lounged by the pool and played a game of mini golf. 

All in all, a successful weekend of relaxation and bliss!  Now back to the, birth classes, glucose test, pediatrician interviews....

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