Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tyler's Room Update: Potterybarn Kids Snafu

We decided to get to work on Tyler's room makeover this weekend. I wanted to dismantle the convertible crib and attach the back (headboard portion) to the full size bed frame that came with the mattress set.  Thinking this would take about 20 minutes we figured, "no problem" and got to work. 
The standard frame did not match up to the holes in the headboard.  They were off by about 2 inches.  We called and spoke to the store where we purchased the mattress set and frame and worked with them to figure out the issue: Potterybarn headboard.  Apparently this is a very common issue.

Ugh...Potterybarn Kids!

It seems they purposely make their beds a little wider than the standard so that you have to purchase either their frame or a headboard adapter kit. Had I known this would be an issue I would have just purchased the conversion kit when I got the crib. But no, PBK states that it will work "with most standard bed frames".  I am here to tell you it doesn't.

Here is the adapter kit we purchased:

Instead I placed my order Sunday afternoon and am patiently waiting for it to come in.  In the mean time Tyler's room looks like this:

Yeah, kind of a safety hazard for a two year old so in the mean time he is sleeping with us and we all know what that means:

Please, Potterybarn Kids, send that darn conversion kit fast!!

I'm not trying to knock Potterybarn Kids(well maybe a little out of frustration).  I still love their products.  They are great quality and I love their style.  Just make sure you buy the conversion kit when you purchase either a headboard or convertible crib from them and that goes for Potterybarn, too.

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