Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organization for School

When my life gets hectic, I organize so in preparation for our new busy schedule I have been busy labeling, making check-lists, and creating daily hangers for Tyler's clothes.

For school, it is required that I label all of Tyler's clothes and lunch box items.  After reading about Name Bubbles on Teal & Lime I knew they were what I wanted. I do love my sharpies but Name Bubbles are (dare I say it) even cooler!  And they are washing machine/dishwasher safe!  I have been busy labeling everything I can find.  :-)

Since my husband will be the one getting Tyler ready and dropped off in the mornings I wanted to make it as easy on him as possible.  I made a checklist for the front door to remind him of all the things Tyler will need to have with him before they leave for school.

Once I had labeled all of Tyler's clothes, I got a little label crazy and decided to make hangers for each day of the week so that I could pick out his outfits on Sunday afternoon and Jeff could just grab off the proper hanger and go in the morning.

Here's hoping these little changes help make the big changes easier!

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