Monday, July 9, 2012

OBX Vacation 2012

I was originally just going to add these pictures to my "what we've been up to - June edition" post but there are so many good ones I had a hard time choosing which ones to post.  So I created a new post solely about our vacation so you could enjoy 40+ pictures of us Penas having a great time in OBX with some of our favorite people. 

Story Time with Mr. Jeff

Tackle Time with Mr. Greg

"what are we going to get into today?"


rockin out with my juice box out

rain rain go away...

Future Blogger

Beer Pong

Teachin 'em young!

Kisses for Mama

"Look Tyler, it says we're big enough!"

Neck & Neck!  Who's going to win!?!

We made a pit-stop at Williamsburg on our way home.  We hit some traffic and Tyler was getting cranky so we needed to walk off that extra energy:

Daddy's so funny!
We had a great vacation with everyone!!

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