Sunday, January 22, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Decorations

This post got lost in the shuffle of the move so here goes, better late than never!
I wanted to title this post "Decorations on a Budget While all your Crafting Supplies are in Storage".  It was a bit too long though.  This has been a very different Christmas than I'm used to since we are in the process of moving/selling/buying houses.  The theme of this season for me seems to be "just go with it".  I seem to mutter that to myself at least once a day.  I need to constantly remind myself that stressing about things wont make anything better. 
That said, I finally decided to pull the little 41/2 foot Christmas tree out of the storage unit only to find the middle of my pre-lit tree is burned out.  Taking my own advice, I just rolled with it.  The tree is up, burned out lights and all.
I decided to leave all the ornaments in storage since they are mostly breakable and Tyler is a very curious 17 month old.  Instead we made salt dough ornaments and I gathered some of his baby toys to put on the tree.  I'm so glad I decided to decorate this way.  He is so very interested in that tree. 

So without further ado here is how we decorated this year:

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