Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder

That is a great quote - or so I thought before my neighbor moved in next door and decided to kill every blade of grass with round up and "re-decorate" his front yard like this:

He actually planted the ground covering plant that has taken over at the edge of the street.

The crazy thing is he actually spends A LOT of time getting it to look like this. It's his masterpiece. There has to be a limit to the amount of wire fencing one person is allowed to buy.

Notice the randomly placed "heart garden" with the tulips, butterfly lights, and cherubs. The gravel square is new - I'm really not sure what that is all about:


Emily said...

LMAO. Ohhh, there's always someone to "make you look better", no? Lol - I'll take 35 pots in the neighbor's yard over this anyday.

sarah honeybee said...

HAHAHAHA. That design though!